Unleash Your Legacy: Your Life, Your Story

"Retired judges, seasoned attorneys - your devotion to justice is unparalleled.  Now, it's time for a new journey: memoir writing. Feeling overwhelmed?  That's understandable. Turning years of experiences into a gripping narrative is a daunting task. But don't fret - I've been where you are. I can guide you, helping you transform your remarkable career into an impactful memoir. It's not just your story, it's a legacy to inspire future generations. Let's create it together and bring your story to life with ease."

Does this sound like you?

"Ever felt trapped in the quagmire of memoir writing, despite exploring every guide, tip, and trick in the book? If the word 'stuck' resonates with your current situation, you're ready for a game-changing approach. Say yes to breaking free!"

"Exhausted from the fruitless chase of methods that leave you high and dry? If the cycle of wasted time, resources, and spirit on zero-result endeavors is your frustration anthem, it's time for a new tune. Ready to turn the tide?"

"Feel like you're running a marathon with no finish line in sight? If you've poured endless effort into your memoir, but the results aren't aligning with your vision, it's time for a strategic shift. Ready to start seeing the fruits of your labor?"

"Doubting if another course could be your game-changer? You long for personalized guidance, not just textbook theories. If you're craving a supportive mentor to lead you through the memoir maze, you're on the brink of a transformation. Ready to move from frustration to fulfillment?"


You’re experiencing this problem because...

You're navigating a new territory - writing your memoir. Trust me, I know the struggle. I've been there, flipping through years of experiences, wondering how to put them into words that truly resonate.

Just like you, I hit roadblocks. I felt overwhelmed. But through these struggles, I found my way. I discovered strategies, approaches, and insights that transformed my memoir writing journey. I became not just a storyteller, but a guide, an expert.

Now, I’m here to share that expertise with you. I've transformed my own struggles into a roadmap for success. And it's this roadmap that I want to give you, so you can turn your daunting task into an inspiring journey. Together, we'll turn your wealth of experiences into a memoir that leaves a mark."


What if I told you there's a path to effortless memoir writing? Picture this: You're sitting at your desk, memories flowing, words pouring out easily, transforming into engaging stories. No longer do you feel stuck or overwhelmed; instead, you're immersed in the journey, reliving and recording your unique experiences.

Imagine feeling a sense of satisfaction as you see your life stories unfold on paper. You're not just narrating events, you're sharing wisdom, leaving behind a legacy that can inspire and educate generations.

Picture the moment when you hold your finished memoir, your life's work, bound into a book. That sense of achievement, the realization of your dream – it's within your reach. And it's more than possible; with the right guidance, it's inevitable.

With the journey we undertake together, this could be your reality. Let's turn that 'What if?' into 'What's next?'."




WRITING YOUR MEMOIR WITH EASE Unleash Your Legacy: Your Life, Your Story

Unearth the essence of your unique journey and craft a memoir that compels, inspires, and resonates – all from the comfort of your home. Transform your scattered thoughts into a captivating legacy with ease and proficiency, one page at a time.


What You'll Learn

Welcome to a structured yet flexible journey designed to transform you into a confident memoirist. In this course, you'll delve into the art of storytelling, learning to thread your life's tapestry into a compelling narrative. Uncover techniques to present your truth and wisdom, effectively deal with writer's block, and gracefully navigate the line between personal and public. At the end, you'll be armed with a comprehensive memoir roadmap and the skills to embark on your writing adventure with assurance and joy.


Module 1

Unveiling the Memoirist in You

Kickstart your journey by digging into your motivations for writing your memoir. You'll learn to recognize the compelling elements of your life story, appreciating your unique voice and perspective. By the end of this module, you'll have identified your "why" and will be ready to share it with the world.

Module 2

From Memories to Memoir

Dive headfirst into brainstorming and outlining your memoir. We'll explore diverse techniques to uncover your most captivating memories and translate them into compelling themes. You'll develop a comprehensive, engaging outline that will serve as the blueprint for your memoir.

Module 3

The First Draft - Your Story Unleashed

This module is all about bringing your story to life. Learn how to express your experiences with powerful prose, break through writer's block, and build momentum. By the end, you'll have a first draft that resonantly echoes your voice and truth.

Module 4

Polishing Your Prose - The Art of Revision

Your memoir isn't just a chronological recounting of your life; it's a narrative that must captivate readers. Learn how to refine your prose, making it more engaging and conversational. With our techniques, your memoir will evolve into a riveting story that holds your readers' attention.

Module 5

Make Your Memoir Heard - Mastering Marketing

A masterpiece is best shared! Dive into various marketing techniques to promote your memoir effectively, making your voice heard amidst a sea of publications. Learn how to reach your target audience and inspire them with your life’s journey.

Module 6

The Grand Finale - Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

As we tie up the loose ends, you'll have an opportunity to discuss any lingering questions about your memoir writing journey. We'll also explore ways to continuously refine your craft, helping you evolve as a memoirist. By the end, you'll have a memoir and a writer's spirit ready for future literary adventures.



Ignite your creativity with our exclusive compilation of 100 memoir writing prompts. This curated collection is designed to stir up memories, emotions, and ideas, sparking your imagination and propelling your writing journey.



Immerse yourself in the art of memoir writing by reading my bestselling book “Personal Memoir Checklist.”

Get an inside look at the craft, learning through example and gaining insights that will inspire and inform your own memoir writing.



Never miss a step with this comprehensive Memoir Checklist! This invaluable resource will guide you through each stage of the memoir-writing process, ensuring that you stay on track and keep all the essential components in mind.


 Live Group Call

Connect with fellow memoirists on a live group call where you can ask questions, share insights, and receive guidance directly from me. This supportive community will inspire and motivate you throughout your memoir writing journey.

Exclusive Facebook Group

Join our private Facebook community, where you can interact with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and receive ongoing support and encouragement. Tap into a network of aspiring memoirists who share your passion for storytelling.

 Comprehensive Workbook & Checklist

Gain access to a meticulously crafted workbook and checklist designed to accompany the course. This invaluable resource will help you stay organized, track your progress, and ensure that you cover all essential aspects of your memoir writing process.

Together, these additional resources will provide you with the support and tools you need to elevate your memoir writing experience, connect with fellow writers, and stay on track towards completing your compelling memoir.


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But that's not all! When you pay in full, you'll also receive four incredible pay in full bonuses:


PAY IN FULL BONUS: Linda Fegins, Attorney and Persuasion Strategist

Learn the art of persuasive writing from renowned attorney Linda Fegins, as she shares her expertise and techniques to make your memoir even more compelling and impactful.


PAY IN FULL BONUS: Monica Morgan, World Renowned Photojournalist

Discover the power of visual storytelling with the guidance of acclaimed photojournalist Monica Morgan. Unlock the secrets to incorporating photography into your memoir, adding depth and authenticity to your narrative.


PAY IN FULL BONUS: Pam Perry, Publicist

Propel your memoir to new heights with the expertise of renowned publicist Pam Perry. Learn proven PR strategies tailored specifically for memoir writers, and unlock the secrets to effective book promotion and media exposure. Pam will equip you with the tools to create buzz and connect with your target audience.


PAY IN FULL BONUS: Kadena Tate, Revenue Strategist and Certified Business Model designer

She will help you help you ignite growth with strategic revenue diversification.Learn from her how to maximize your business’s potential ,unlock new revenue streams and mitigate your risks.

Imagine having a powerhouse team of experts by your side, providing guidance and support as you craft and promote your memoir. Linda Fegins, Monica Morgan, Pam Perry, and Kadena Tate, you'll gain insider knowledge and proven techniques to make your memoir a resounding success.

By choosing to pay in full for the "Memoir Writing with Ease" program, you'll not only secure lifetime access, future updates, and all the other incredible bonuses, but you'll also have the opportunity to work with these three remarkable professionals who will empower you to create an exceptional memoir.

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to pay in full and unlock the full potential of your memoir writing experience. Secure your spot today and join our community of passionate storytellers.


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