Your Honor, Your Honor: A Journey Through Grief to Restorative Justice

On a path ordered by God, these twins touched the lives of many in their roles as teachers, attorneys, and judges. The rocky road they followed to achieve these professions was God’s way of preparing them for life.

In 1949, twin sisters came into this world surprising everybody including their parents and the doctor because he had heard only one heartbeat.

In Your Honor, Your Honor, author Judge Leonia J. Lloyd tells the story of this dynamic duo whose professional careers led them to become models, schoolteachers, and entertainment lawyers. Eventually, with their unique moniker, Twins for Justice, they became the first identical-twin district court judges to sit on the same bench at the same time in the country. Focusing on restorative justice, their careers were on a meteoric rise until the unexpected and sudden death of Judge Leona Lloyd put an abrupt halt to their successful lives together.

Lost and alone, Leonia was in the storm of her life; despair had an iron-clad grip around her. She turned to God for guidance, and her prayers were answered. Your Honor, Your Honor chronicles her life experiences including her relationship with her twin, her struggles against racism, her account of the grieving process, and her stride toward justice.