Don't Quit On Yourself Session

Judge Leonia Lloyd

Don’t Quit


I offer brain-picking, advice, intuition, experience, resources, strategy, perspective, and my personal “how to’s” for 60 minutes at a time.

In our Don’t Quit On Yourself Session, our time together is yours to ask me whatever you want about your goals, desires for living a successful life, your plans and goals and your strategy to accomplish it.  

Things we could talk about:

What Is It?

 A Don’t Quit On Yourself Session allows you to “pick my brain”. These sessions are for men and women who:

How Much Time is It?

The Don’t Quit On Yourself Session is 60-75 minutes in length. 60 minutes is usually enough time to get the job done. If need be, the extra 15 minutes is allotted to take care of any loose ends.

How Much Is It?

The investment for a  Don’t Quit On Yourself is $300 per person. Please note this is a non-refundable consultation fee.
Ready to schedule your 60-minute “Pick My Brain” session? Click the button below and you’ll be on your way.

With Clarity, Advice and Strategy Make Your Dream A Reality

I am sure you have many dreams. Maybe you dream of writing a book, starting your own business or traveling the world. And like many people, you may have put those dreams on hold because life got in the way. Maybe you’re afraid of the unknown or you think it’s too late to start chasing your dreams. But it’s not too late. You can still achieve all those things you’ve been dreaming about. I can help you conquer your fear and take the first step toward achieving your goals. As a former District Court Judge, I have helped people restructure their lives and attain goals they felt were too late and impossible. I know the formula for success, and I can help you find the clarity and focus you need to achieve your dreams.

Contact me today for a consultation and
let’s start making your dreams a reality!

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